Importance of reading to your kids : 10 Amazing benefits

Reading books that are indeed doorways to unlimited knowledge empowers and enriches your child, so that he conquers greater heights throughout his life. Many studies have revealed that there is greater vocabulary skills in those toddlers and preschoolers who are read to everyday than those who are’nt read to at all. Reading brings with it a multitude of advantages and is often considered as one of the critical tools that would enable children to succeed in life.

Let’s look at some of the awesome benefits that reading offers to one and all.

1. Reading to young children can be the cornerstone to their success

Books are enriched with knowledge and the more variety of books you read to kids, the more would they grasp from it. Thus, children who are read to consistently will have a wealth of knowledge in anything and everything than their peers who are not regularly read to. Reading books gift them with the power of knowledge which in turn would help them lead a successful life.

2. Reading improves vocabulary, language and communication skills

The vocabulary you use while talking to your children everyday seem to be limited and repetitive. But when reading books, they are exposed to a range of vocabulary on different topics which they may not otherwise hear in their daily lives. Thus they learn new words each day, absorb information( ideas/facts ) on how to use words and other language features, and acquire skills to effectively structure sentences in their writing and speaking.

3.Reading develops your child’s brain/thinking and emotions

Reading enhances your child’s thinking skills. Moreover it helps him perceive and relate different life situations/emotions and also helps develop empathy. A good reader would usually be empathetic to his fellow beings, as good stories and fine literature depict human conditions, thinking and emotions – our little readers when reading these will definetely understand the feelings( emotions ) of the characters in different scenarios.

4. Reading improves concentration

Children gradually gets on to the habit of sitting still and quietly so that they can enjoy a book. Routine reading increases their listening skills and attention span and also teaches them self discipline.

5. Reading fuels their imagination

Fictions often transfer children to imaginative/fascinating worlds from the comfort of their sweet homes. While engaged in reading a story, they imagine how the characters are and what they feel. Young children then bring these characters into their day to day play. This aids their imagination sparkle and they become incredibly creative!

6. Reading helps nurture parent child bond

Cuddling up to read, talk n laugh will bring you and your kids closer to each other. Continue reading to them even after they become fluent readers and listen to their reading as well. This promotes increased connection between you and your children from very early days of their life through teens and beyond!

7. Reading helps them understand the world around them

Reading a diverse range of reading materials empowers kids with everything in life. Perhaps, the knowledge they attain through reading seems to be boundless. They’ll learn about different people, places, customs, traditions, cultures, festivals and events, outside of their own experiences. This will make them broad-minded towards everyone and help them accept,respect and celebrate equality and universality.

8. Reading brings academic success

Children who love reading are sure to be better learners and they often crave for more knowledge. Reading builds a strong foundation for a variety of subjects including science, technology, literacy, maths, and social studies. This promotes your little readers to achieve their best in all subjects across the curriculum.

9. Reading probably increases one’s lifespan

Reading can have a correlation with lifespan. Reading provides better employment and improved quality of life, in addition to a better knowledge about everything in life including health and safety. Having a better understanding about health and how to safeguard it, your child is likely to have improved life span.

10. Reading gives peace of mind

Reading for pleasure provides great comfort, relaxation, happiness and fun! It has also been found to improve sleep patterns, which is great, as good sleep is essential for a healthy mind and body.

Having read the awesome benefits of reading, who will not want their children to get into the habit of reading? As parents, we can do a lot to inspire and help them love reading.

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