Chores that can engage kids : Age-appropriate chores for kids

Children can help around the house in a variety of ways and in doing so, they get to learn numerous life skills and values that would make them self-sufficient as they grow up. Perhaps, chore time could also be turned into a joyous bonding time between parents and children. Bring in the element of fun and play while executing tasks – pretend to be robots while doing laundry, have a kitchen dance party when helping out in the kitchen, sings songs aloud or just simply get chatting together while cleaning or carrying out any other work.

Involving kids in various chores is extremely beneficial for them and is a great way to mould them into responsible, hardworking and self-reliant individuals. So let’s encourage and motivate our children to join in the day to day tasks at home, which they are able to do at that particular age. It’s vital that we choose age-appropriate chores for kids because a chore that’s too hard for a child could make him frustrated (or sometimes even put him in danger) and the one that’s so easy could be boring. Even your little one, as young as two or three years could help out, provided we choose kid-friendly tasks that suit his/her age.

Well! Wondering what chores children of different ages could do safely and happily? Read on for some ideas to help engage kids of different ages.

Chores for Toddlers ( 2 – 3 years )

Does this seem too young an age to start? Well, this seems to be the perfect age to start chores and when toddlers complete simple tasks, it gives them a sense of achievement, confidence and capability. In addition, it also improves their fine motor skills. So, why wait? After all, toddlers love to help – so let them!

They can help you :

  • Pick up toys and books when they are done with it
  • Set placemats on the dining table
  • Put dirty clothes in the laundry hamper
  • Wipe up spills
  • Assist you while you make the bed
  • Grab their diapers and wipes

Chores for pre-schoolers ( 4 – 5 years )

  • Set up the dining table for meals
  • Put dirty dishes into the sink after a meal
  • Hand you wet clothes to be hung out to dry
  • Match and fold socks
  • Help to sort out and put clothes of different family members into different sets – ready to be folded
  • Help with preparing meals ( let them stir, mix, take items out of the refrigerator, wash them if needed by standing on a small chair/stool, wipe off the counter top with a sponge ). Make sure it’s all under your supervision.
  • Help with grocery shopping and putting those back to proper places
  • Water the house plants with a small cup or watering can
  • Pick weeds and rake leaves
  • Join you to clean windows and glass doors (with parental supervision )
  • Unload dishwasher – let them pick up clean dishes from the dishwasher and hand it to you so that you can put those back to proper places. It would be fun to make up songs about each item that you put away.

Chores for school age children ( 6 – 10 years )

  • Water garden and indoor plants
  • Feed pets
  • Prepare shopping list and put away groceries
  • Help with choosing meals and shopping
  • Help hang out washed clothes to dry
  • Sort and fold washed clothes
  • Assist you to sweep, vacuum, and mop floors
  • Take out the garbage( with supervision if necessary )
  • Load the dishwasher
  • Put away crockery an cutlery back to positions
  • Clean bathroom sinks and wipe kitchen counters
  • Put their shoes and backpacks away after coming from school
  • Help with meal preparation and serving, under supervision
  • Clear the table
  • Make their own beds
  • Keep their rooms clean

Tweens and teens

They have the potential to help with almost all the work at home. 16 to 18 year olds could be capable of doing everything that an adult can do. You can teach them as many basic skills as you can to prepare them for adulthood. A few of these could be to :

  • Clean bathroom
  • Do laundry
  • Make a list and shop for grocery
  • Prepare family meals
  • Do car wash
  • Dust wooden furniture
  • Change light bulbs ( with assistance if needed )
  • Change their bed sheets
  • Clean dishes independently
  • Do minor repair works around the house ( with supervision wherever required )
  • Look after younger siblings

Teach, train and involve them in tasks depending upon your child’s age, abilities and your family circumstances and preferences. It’s great if you can teach them as many chores as you can and guide them positively, since chores are vital parts of our lives that keep us going each day. Guide, support and equip them adequately so that they’ll probably find it much more easier to handle life successfully.

I would love to learn more about age-appropriate tasks if you have more to add on to the list. Please leave your ideas in the comment box below.

Happy parenting!

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