Save Mother Earth : Teach our children to nurture and protect our planet

“Who carries us all – the animals, birds, plants, humans, buildings….everything”, asked my sweet little girl one random day. And she went on saying that Mother Earth carries us all and that we should love and protect our earth. Yep! she is absolutely right. Is’nt she? Are’nt we all equally obliged to nurture and preserve nature and natural resources which are indeed the cornerstones of our very existence? Don’t we have the responsibility to live in complete harmony with all living creatures and safeguard our environment? Yes we do…

However, the woeful part is that, we humans have continued exploiting mother nature in various means over the years… Many are least bothered about the impact this can have and goes on continuing the destructive practices for various developmental purposes. Our world has suffered more than enough and it’s high time that all people must have awareness about this and pledge that his/her actions won’t harm the environment or its inhabitants in any manner. Just think about who is going to suffer for all the disregard mankind does towards planet Earth?

So, if we can raise a generation who’ll love and care for mother nature and treat all creatures with due respect, our world which has deteriorated, will gradually heal..And of course we we’ll then have a more better, greener planet. To make this a reality, let’s teach our children the importance of caring for our earth and encourage them to become environmentally responsible citizens.

Instil a deep love for nature in children

Let them fall in deep love with nature! This lovely relationship will make them feel it as their own and will want it to be always cared. Help kids develop a great love for nature – let them explore, experience and get connected to nature; they must walk around, run, play explore, touch and smell it. I wonder how many of you don’t appreciate that lovely earthy aroma after an April shower! How can we not adore and respect our wondrous planet Earth who provides us everything we need for our existence, nourishment and healing? Who won’t feel like adoring the refreshing stream, the fantabulous forests, the fragrant flowers, the lush greenery, the gorgeous grains, the majestic mountains, the endless sky, the deep blue sees and what not!

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Try setting up a beautiful garden for yourselves, if you don’t have one. And let the little hands water them and assist you in taking care of them. This will also make them more connected to nature. Those who live in flats can have a balcony garden. Well, if you live in appartments with no balcony or any open space, as is the case with ours, you can still grow some small plants beside the window panes. Its also amazing! Let’s do what we can according to our living circumstances and weather conditions. The understanding, love, care and respect for nature will definetely hinder them from doing the tiniest harm to their surroundings.

Teach them

Make children aware of how our everyday actions impact Earth and its inhabitants. Make them understand that the deterioration of the Earth, if continued would pose a great threat to the existence of life on Earth down the years. Help them recognise the interdependence between humans, nature and other living organisms. This awareness of the natural world, will arouse their curiosity and inspire them to attain more knowledge, as to how nature works. They can learn about how earth had been in the past and how it has evolved over the years. They will understand what has resulted in the deterioration of our planet. This wisdom would in turn equip them with the desire and ability to protect our marvellous planet. As children grow up with better understanding and love for nature, they’ll definitely not harm the earth in any way.

There are a great deal of resources ( books, magazines, movies ) available to help kids understand that the actions each one of us does, will have an impact on the environment. I am happy to see that, a lot of kids and teens are now in the fore front to bring about a change and protect the environment these days. We can show our little ones these brave children who’re really dedicated to take steps to heal the world. This is absolutely a great hope for the future – reading about them to our kids might inspirit them too.

Depict/ be a role model

The attitude children have towards Mother Earth will greatly be influenced by our actions. Kids often grasp a lot from their parents/carers and they even tend to imitate us at times. So, let’s set a good example to them through our actions.

Once they have developed a real love for nature, we can teach practical steps like switching off lights, recycling and more. All we have to do is some simple things, but these could go a long way!

  • Help clean litter ( of course litter won’t pile up if every single person take care that all rubbish go straight to the proper bin )
  • Recycle/repurpose
  • Compost at home
  • Turn out lights/fans when not in use
  • Program the thermostat to be more energy-efficient
  • Conserve water : never waste even a tiny drop of water
  • Opt to walk/ bike whenever possible, so that green house gases are a lot reduced (Well, it helps you maintain good health too! )
  • Having a solar energy option over natural gas or electricity seems to be great, where possible
  • Avoid disposables

Remember that every little contribution matters! Let’s all strive to do our best to revive and rejuvenate our planet- we belong to it : it’s our Mother Earth. So, help children grow up understanding, loving, respecting and protecting nature. Then we’re sure to have a pool of environmental stewards out there, who’ll endeavour to bring about a positive environmental, economic and social impact, thereby yielding a much happier and healthier world.

“The land is where our roots are. The children must be taught to feel and live in harmony with the Earth” – Dr Maria Montessori

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