A lovely and super simple activity/craft that could be done for Earth day! Make this easypeasy upcycled Earth mobile with kids for Earth day or as a fun activity to learn more about our world and how to nurture and protect it. Raising awareness from a very young age and making them aware of the importance of preserving Mother Earth is of utmost importance, so that they grow up to be environmentally responsible citizens.

So, let’s start making our Earth mobile. I think the best part is that we have reused an empty cardboard box, papers from magazines and some jute string to come up with this simple craft. What’s better than reusing, recycling and upcycling things, is’nt it?

Earth mobile

Materials used :

recycled cardboard

magazine papers


jute string


colouring pens


How to make the earth mobile

  1. Cut out a circle from a piece of cardboard for our earth and roughly draw the land and water. you can also print out an earth template and stick it on the cardboard too, instead of drawing.

2. Then cut the magazine papers into small strips ( we used blue and green colours ). Kids can join in this as it improves their cutting skills and renders an ample fine motor practise.

3. Let kids glue the paper strips on to the cut out earth – green for the land mass area and blue for the water bodies. Now our Earth is ready! We just drew a smily face on our earth too.

4. Next cut out heart shapes out of cardboard. Let the kids fill the hearts in with pictures and/or writings of ‘how we can help protect Mother Earth’ . I’m so glad that my little girl came up with a lot of things that could be done to love and nurture our precious planet ( thank goodness, that we read quite some books on this important topic and did bookish plays too, many a times over the past few years 😊).. But just thought to attach only a few hearts to the mobile, just for a neater look.

5. Help kids attach these hearts to the Earth in pretty appealing positions with the help of jute string (or any other ) and glue gun. Also attach a small loop with jute string to help hang it on to a wall or so.

6. To give a more prettier look, we added blue and green pompoms too, as hangings at the tip. There you have your very own earth mobile ready to be hung up!

❤️ Our earth mobile has made its way straight to the art wall, and would serve as a gentle reminder to always be mindful of our actions😊.. EVERY LITTLE ACTION MATTERS!…

Hope you will try it, if you have’nt yet and please do let us know in the comments how your version has turned out.

Happy crafting n learning!

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