Hands-on fun learning activity : practise the rules to make plurals

Some children may find grammar so dry and boring. Super simple, fun and indulging learning activities could easily be set up at home to help them practise grammar rules in a fun manner. Kids would love it for sure and would become more thorough with the rules which in turn would help them apply the rules that had been learnt to new words that they come across in future too😊. Here I would like to share two such activities which we had done earlier that would help kids remember and use the rules well. But before moving on, let’s first look at the three simple rules that we had been learning.

A plural represents ‘more than one’ of something. Most nouns follow rules to turn them into plural nouns. Some plural nouns may seem difficult to spell, but some simple rules can help kids remember to spell plurals.


(1) Just add ‘s’

Most words follow this simple rule of adding an ‘s’ at the end of the word to make it into plural. For instance the word ‘plant’ is made into plural by adding a ‘s’ at its end to make it into its plural form ‘plants’.

  • Hat becomes hats
  • Tree becomes trees
  • Crayon becomes crayons
  • Pear becomes pears

(2) Just add ‘es’

If a noun ends in ‘s’, ‘ss’, ‘sh’, ‘ch’ or ‘x’, then we add ‘es’ at the end of the word to turn it into plural. For example : the word ‘church’ is made into its plural by adding ‘es’ at the end and it becomes ‘churches’.

  • Gas becomes gases
  • Glass becomes glasses
  • Dish becomes dishes
  • Sandwich becomes sandwiches
  • Box becomes boxes

NOTE : If a noun ends in a consonant and then an ‘o’ – in this case too, we add an ‘es’ to the end of the word to change it into plural. For example :

  • Hero becomes heroes
  • Volcano becomes volcanoes
  • Potato becomes potatoes
  • Tomato becomes tomatoes

(3) Drop ‘y’ and add ‘ies’

If a noun ends in a consonant sound followed by a ‘y’, then the ‘y’ is replaced by an ‘ies’ to make its plural.. For example :

  • Candy becomes candies
  • Bunny becomes bunnies
  • Cherry becomes cherries and so on..

Now let’s see the simple, yet effective activities that could easily be set up at home to make grammar practise fun and interesting for our kids.


To practise the above mentioned simple rules with my 6 yo girl, I just drew a tree and wrote few words (in singular form )around it. Its great to draw anything that the child would like, so that it becomes more alluring.

All she had to do was read each word, cut over it, identify if she had to add an ‘s’ or ‘es’ to that particular word and then write its correct plural in. ( I have covered only the first two rules in this activity. )

We had a tree shape cut out at the end of the activity with all the plurals written in it, which she wanted to colour in too, thereafter.

It is such an engaging activity to help with these rules and spellings😊.


To set up the activity, I wrote down the spellings of singular words that my little had to practise onto some recycled cardboard pieces ( paper, book or board works too ).

Then filled a clean tray with soybeans and hid the pieces for her to seek it, so that it becomes more engrossing. ( Note : The soybeans could be reused later as the tray is clean. Any other lentils or rice could be used too).

Placed three cup cake liners, labelled with each of the three rules that we were intending to practice. That’s it ! such a simple set up, is’nt it ?

She had to find each word card from the tray and find the corresponding plural of the word.

Had to either tick the correct plural or write the correct plural spelling in the space available. ( I had made both cards where she had to either tick the right plural or write the spelling for herself).

Then place the words card into the relevant cup cake liners as per the rules that had been used.

So these are super quick, fun and interactive way to help kids be more confident with their spellings. Kids would enjoy it for sure and would become more thorough with the rules, so that they can apply it to new words too as and when they come across them😊.

NOTE : The activities were done on separate days under adult supervision.

Hope you would try it with your kids, if you have not yet and please don’t forget to let me how they enjoyed it!

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